There are various reasons why people love watching Tamil movies, one of them being the various stories that are unique. These stories help captivate the minds of the audience and entertain them to a great extent. If you like watching  Tamil comedy movies, there are various movies that you can choose to watch.

A movie named Bhamakalapam stars Priyamani in the lead role and is directed by Abhimanyu. If you wish to watch this latest Tamil movie, you can choose to subscribe to a reputed OTT channel to ensure you watch it any time you want. Read the guide below to learn more about the movie.

Bhamakalapam the Movie 

This is one of the latest Tamil movies directed by Abhimanyu, with a female as the protagonist. The movie’s cast includes Priyamani, ShanthiRao, John Vijay, SaranyaPradeep, PammiSai and many more. The producer of the Tamil movie is Bapineedhu and Sudheer, and Deepak Yeragara does the cinematography.

The Story

Bhamakalapam is one of the latest Tamil comedy movies,and the story is quite exciting. Anupama, played by Priyamani, is a reputed Youtuber who is always interested to know about others’ affairs. She keeps a close eye on a neighbour couple who are always fighting and visits their house one fine day to find out the issue.

But she gets trapped in a murder case, and soon a feared gangster also goes after her. Who got murdered? What is the angle with the gangster? How did Anupama become a part of it? Watch this movie on the reputed OTT site aha to know more.

Positives of the Movie

The basic setup and storyline of the movie are good, and the way it portrays a housewife as the protagonist is a great thing. The lead characters in the movie are introduced well, and the way the story revolves around a precious egg and how it ends up is interesting.

Though the movie begins on a slow note, when the murder angle occurs, things become more interesting. Priyamani plays a tremendous role in BhamaKalapam, and her performance is the best in the money. SharanyaPradeep also does a good job in her supporting role as a maid. The person who plays the role of the church father also does well.

Stream BhamaKalapam on aha

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